Souderton Area Soccer

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SISL 2015 League Rules



·         Good sportsmanship should be practiced and encouraged at all times.

·         Foul language and deliberate acts of bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated.

·         Grievances should be discussed with the League President.  A player will receive a warning for the first offense, and

       will be removed from the league if the bad  

       behavior continues.


Player Participation

·         Every player should play at least half of every game. 

·         Substitutions may be made during any stoppage of play.


League Standings

·         No league standings are maintained.  Emphasis is placed on developing soccer skills and making it fun for all involved.

·         Running up the score is discouraged.


Number of Players

·         The maximum number of players on the field at any one time:

PeeWee                         3 v 3

U7/U8                             8 v 8

U9/U10                           8 v 8

U11/U12                         8 v 8

U13/U15                      11 v 11

U16/U19                      11 v 11

·         All games should be played with even sides.  If a team is short players, both teams will play short sided.



·         Shin-guards are mandatory.

·         Tennis shoes or soft cleated soccer shoes may be worn.

·         Ball Sizes: PeeWee, – 3, U7 through U12 – 4, U13 through U19 – 5.

·         Uniform as handed out (jersey and black shorts) are the uniform you must wear in order to play. NO EXECPTIONS!

·         All jewelry must be removed prior to play.  NO EXECPTIONS!

·         No hard plastic or metal hair accessories.




Duration of Game

·         3 v 3 games        (4)  5  minute quarters

·         8 v 8 games        (4) 12 minute quarters

·         11 v 11 games    (2) 30 min. halves

·         Co-Ed                 (2) 35 min. halves


Game Times

·         Players should arrive 15 minutes before their designated times so that there is ample time for warm-up and practice prior to the game.

·         Soccer played at Landis fields begins at 6:00 and end promptly at 7:30. 

·         Soccer at all other fields are from 6:15 to 7:45.

·         Co-Ed games to start promptly at 6:30.

·         PeeWee games are Saturday morning:  Session 1 from 9:00 – 10:30

Session 2 from 10:30 - Noon


Bad Weather Policy

·         Clear all fields to the protection of a vehicle in the event of lightening

·         If the fields are deemed unplayable, a League Official will leave notification on the league website,, answering machine 215-721-7475, and/or posting to the league Facebook page. This means EVRYONE STAY OFF THE FIELDS – PERIOD~~ EVEN YOU !!!

·         Any game can be canceled due to inclement weather upon agreement by the opposing coaches.  It is the coach’s responsibility

to contact his/her players.

·         There are NO make up games.



Start of Play

·         Opponent must remain outside of the center circle until ball is touched by team with the ball.

·         Earrings and bracelets are to be removed prior to play.


Ball In and Out of Play

·         Kick-in for 3 v 3

·         Throw-in for 8 v 8 and 11 v 11

·         Corner kicks in all leagues



·         Off sides shall be enforced in all leagues EXCEPT PeeWee.




·         In all matches, substitutions will be allowed as follows:

o    Substitutions will be unlimited.

o    Substitutions can be made with the consent of the referee at the following times:

§  Prior to a throw in

§  Prior to any goal kick

§  After any goal

§  Half-time


Fouls and Misconduct

·         PeeWee thru U9/U10 = All fouls shall result in an indirect kick.  No penalty kicks

·         U11/U12 = Fouls may be direct or indirect depending on the infraction.  No penalty kicks

·         U16/U19 = Fouls may be direct or indirect depending on the infraction.  Fouls within the box shall result in a penalty kick.

·         The ref/coach must explain all infractions to the offending player

·         Contact is unavoidable when playing the ball.  Deliberate pushing and obstruction should be discouraged. SLIDE TACKLING is NOT ALLOWED and will result in a red card and EJECTION from the game. A 2nd red card issued will result in removal from the league for the rest of the season.



·         All games played using 2014/2015 FIFA rules except as modified by rules below

·         PeeWee thru U11/U12 = Coaches should be on the field acting as referees.

·         U13/U15 = Referees shall be provided.  However, in the event that a referee should not be available, coaches or

       volunteer parents shall act as referees for      

       that game.

·         U16/U19 = Referees shall be provided.  However, in the event that a referee should not be available, coaches or

       volunteer parents shall act as referees for      

       that game.


Referee (cont.)


·         Players, coaches and fans should treat all referees with respect.

·         The referee’s decisions are Final.  DO NOT Argue or challenge calls on the field.  This only sets a bad example for both parents

and players.  If you feel discussion is necessary, TALK (not argue) with the referee between quarters or at the end of the game.

·         U16/U19 = Field players(excluding goaltender) must consist of a maximum of 6 male players and a minimum of 4 female players.   The goalie can be male or female however this does not count into the 6 boys and 4 girls.  The league is Co-Ed and NOT a Boys League.

·         Referees will have the authority to remove coaches, players or parents that are being a disruption to the game.











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